Training teams across different sites can often prove difficult.

ReelPlatform provides you with a single location for all your learning and development content. Using a secure log in, your staff can remotely access all of your latest training videos.

Group videos together in playlists and present a modular approach to disseminating training. Save money and time by not having to always get everyone together in a room to deliver face to face training. Ensure a consistency of approach across your organisation by getting teams to all watch the same videos.

The platform’s reporting functions enable you to monitor staff engagement with your training content and plug any gaps. You can understand which members of the team are up-to-date with their learning and development.

  • Ensure a consistency of approach across staff
  • Provide a secure online space for training
  • Monitor staff engagement and access
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Key features


Keep your resources private in a password-protected environment dedicated to your organisation


You control access for your staff, students or customers, whether paid or free access


You choose the Learning and Development content, there's no need to rely on poor quality videos from YouTube or Vimeo


You monitor which videos are being played and track who is accessing what