The expansion of video used across the web and social media shows how increasingly powerful video clips have become to communicate.

ReelPlatform’s essential difference to other video sharing platforms is its conscious decision to create a closed platform where access to content is controlled by the owner of the content. This not only allows organisations to share confidential content globally with their staff or students, but also lets them sell access to content to their customers.

Unlike large social media platforms, ReelPlatform does not contain adverts or harvest user data for commercial gain.



Enables your staff, trainees or customers to find time to get away from busy day-to-day schedules to focus on training, but without the hassle of travelling.


Create bespoke learning journeys for individuals, teams and new recruits.

ReelPlatform encompasses a broad range of tools that enable users to watch, share, comment, rate and favourite video clips. It also supports administrators to run reports and gain an understanding of the videos people watch; how and when they access these. The ability to connect video clips through playlists and share drives users on a journey of discovery.

The intuitive administration area means it is easy for the administrator to keep the content up to date.


Curate and present high-quality resources to ensure consistent training experiences across your organisation.

Organisations that use video with their staff, trainees or clients for learning and development are realising benefits both in terms of the engagement and the interest video generates over traditional communication channels.  Video provides a shared medium for everyone to observe and comment on the same content.

Senior executives should rightly ask how much of what they communicate with their staff or customers is retained.  Do staff retain 100% of what they are shown in a training session? With video typically over 80% of information is retained.


We understand that you don’t necessarily want the world to see your content.

Social media sites such as YouTube and Vimeo encourage the mass distribution of content, but with commercially sensitive information there needs to be another way.

Fashioned by very experienced learning professionals determined to overcome these issues, ReelPlatform’s designers have evolved a single sign on password protected solution with content hosted in carefully selected data centres.


There is an e-commerce module that means you can also sell access to your video content, either as individual clips or invite users and organisations to create subscriptions and access a bank of resources.

What our customers say

"ReelPlatform has helped us to ensure our disparate teaching team are training to the same standards and are developing a consistency of approach. We have found the team at ReelPlatform really easy to work with and our staff love the site."

Martyn Collin, Services for Education